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Weekend & Weekday Concealed Carry License Classes $99.00

License Renewal Classes Monday's, Wednesday's & Thursday's $49.00

We Also Provide Self-Defense Liability Insurance For Concealed Carry, Retired and Off Duty Police Officers

Livescan Fingerprinting - For Federal & State Workers - Local Government Employees - Concealed Carry - Private Security - Mobile Fingerprinting

Hometown: Crestwood, IL.

Occupation: Police Officer - USCCA Training Counselor & Instructor - Licensed By the State of Illinois - A Certified Police Trainer Credentialed by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board

Gary L Carr is a career Public Safety Professional who started his public safety career in 1976 at the Willow Springs Police Department and retired from that Police Department in 2011 at the Rank of Sergeant. Mr. Carr has attended Northwestern's School of Police Staff and Command, as well as their Executive Management and Senior Leadership programs. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Safety Administration and a Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement Management. Mr. Carr is currently the Owner and Chief Firearms Instructor at Illinois Concealed Carry Training, LLC in Crestwood, Illinois. Mr. Carr's goal is to make sure those who attend his classes are armed with more than just a handgun. Education and Training are the key elements in staying safe  on the street and Mr. Carr will provide you with current actionable information from a police perspective. Mr. Carr is a "USCCA" Certified  Training Counselor and Firearms Instructor who will arm his students with the knowledge to stay physically, morally, ethically and financially safe in the event they have to use their firearm in self-defense or the defense of another.

Hometown: Chicago, IL.

Occupation: Educator - USCCA Training Instructor - Licensed By the State of Illinois - Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff with the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department

Dr. Tatiana (Tatum) Parker is formally trained as a molecular cytogeneticist and toxicologist, with a PhD from University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana. She has worked with Sound-tech Suppressors, primarily as a representative at SHOT Shows. Tatiana has extensive training through the Center for Domestic Preparedness and the Department of Homeland Security in Emergency Response and Agricultural Terrorism Response. She is an auxiliary Deputy Sheriff with the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department, conducting Sex Offender Registration and Prisoner Transport.  Tatiana is also a consultant for an Indie Film on TV Universe as an expert in biological zombification.  If that isn't enough....Dr. Parker is also a Certified USCCA Firearms Instructor at Illinois Concealed Carry Training, LLC and we are proud to have her as an instructor.